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Sage 50 2020 to be released in July 2019

We have received the following advance announcement from Sage Software regarding the release of the 2020 edition of Sage 50. This is the first notice we have received that there is in fact a 2020 edition in the works, and

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Sage 50 2017 to be Released Mid-July

Sage 50 2017 (and its companion 2017c) will appear in the “Check for Updates” window within the existing version of Sage 50, on or about Tuesday, July 12, 2016, for all users who have an active Sage BusinessCare plan.    Sage

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Sage 50’s Latest Service Release – Proceed Carefully

Sage Software has recently released a service release (2016.2) for the Sage 50 product line (all editions). Users logging out of Sage 50 will likely see an announcement that a new update is available, and should be installed on the

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Preparing for the End of the PC?

Having just survived election season, we are all very much attuned to “key indicators” that can help to predict outcomes. Certainly we have seen no lack of these in the press over the past few months, some accurate, some not

Archiving Your Peachtree databases

Peachtree “archives”, of both the home-brew variety and those created directly from within the program, have been around for some time. Of late however, we have been fielding more questions about them, as users find they need more generous access

Purging records from Peachtree

Purging is the process of removing inactive Peachtree “list” data (i.e., customers, vendors, employees, items, jobs, general ledger accounts, etc.) and closed “transaction” data (i.e., quotes, invoices, purchases, payments, etc.) from the Peachtree database. Since the key words are inactive