Sage 50/Peachtree Services

Purchasing your Sage 50 software license is the first step in implementing your new system, but it shouldn’t end there. TriStar offers a variety of professional services, based on our extensive experience delivering Sage 50/Peachtree services to hundreds of businesses like yours. Our expertise with Sage 50/Peachtree coupled with our knowledge of automated accounting systems will to get your new system properly implemented and delivering the intended results more quickly than you can do on your own.

System Design

You know how your business should operate; we know how to optimize an automated accounting system to maximize its utility. Working closely together and leveraging each of our unique strengths, we can  deliver the Sage 50/Peachtree services required to help you design a sensible and efficient system, from record coding to report design, that gives you the information you need to manage your business more effectively.

Software Deployment

Installation of a database-oriented multi-user accounting software product is not as straightforward as loading word processing or spreadsheet software. If deployed properly, Sage 50/Peachtree will offer very satisfactory performance over a network; if poorly configured, bottlenecks and system failures will plague you. If you are not up to the challenge of configuring Sage 50/Peachtree on your network on your own, give us a call. We have done this hundreds of times and have the experience required to overcome almost any “environmental” hurdle posed by your specific network configuration.

User Training

Learning the basics of navigating through the software may be easy, but learning how to apply those capabilities to a “workflow” that makes sense for your business, and that provides the necessary procedural “checks and balances” can take considerably longer. Let us help you get through the learning curve more quickly with customized user training, delivered at your location or ours. Working with your data, supplemented by procedures checklists and other custom documentation as needed, we can give your staff the assistance they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently, and start using your Sage 50/Peachtree software to maximum advantage for your business.

Custom Report Development

Sage 50/Peachtree ships with a wide variety of “out of the box” reports covering most aspects of financial management. Those reports ship as “one size fits all” however, and your business may not fit well with those designs. Using Sage 50/Peachtree’s powerful built-in report and financial statement designer, we can “tweak” many reports quickly and inexpensively to provide just the information you need, in the format in which you need to see it.

Need something more elaborate and customized? Using Crystal Reports,  we can design a report to your exact specifications. If it is in the database, we can extract it and report on it with Crystal. Sage Business Intelligence is the newest member of the Sage 50 database reporting family, and offers an equally powerful custom report development option for users who need something more customized than the included reports.


TriStar offers both on-site and remote troubleshooting for Sage 50/Peachtree, on either an annual pre-paid contract or a “pay per call” basis. We have years of experience analyzing, diagnosing and repairing data errors and other “anomalies” in all versions of Sage 50/Peachtree, and can get you back running smoothly with minimal disruption when your software misbehaves.